2023-Milk Dipper Collection
The Southern Dipper is a part of Sagittarius, guiding for vitality and hope. Inspired by the beauty of the universe, CIRCLE creates Milk Dipper Collection to celebrate the inner-strength of every CIRCLE Ladies. Using high quality diamonds as a metaphor of the shining stars; as well as CIRCLE’s iconic 4C pattern, the collection presents the wearers a blessing and peace from mother nature.

Milk Dipper
18K Gold Diamonds Necklace
¥ 5999
Milk Dipper
18K Gold Diamonds Bracelet
 ¥ 4099
Milk Dipper
18K Gold Diamonds Earrings
¥ 4699

Milk Dipper
18K Gold Diamonds Brooch
 ¥ 3399 (Brass Pin Back)