⭕️ Changing or Refunding

If there is no problem about quality, return or replacement is not supported.

⭕️ Invoicing

Formal invoice shall be provided. Please contact the customer service for registration after the order transaction is completed.
1.  The store issue electronic invoices by default. If paper invoice is needed, please contact the customer service.
2.  Invoice types: VAT general invoice, VAT special invoice, and VAT electronic general invoice.
3.  The following information shall be provided for invoice:
      - General VAT invoice: 1) Company title: company name and taxpayer identification number; 2) Personal title: personal
      - Special VAT invoice: Company name; taxpayer identification number; address; telephone number; bank and its account 

⭕️ Size Guide

Tips of choosing the ring size:

To ensure your comfort level, choose a ring according to your finger size.

     Tips of choosing necklace length:
      To ensure your comfort level, please choose the right length

⭕️ Jewelry Basic Maintenance

1. Mind the order of wearing jewelries
Avoid touching clothing, bags while wearing prong-set jewelries or rings. Basically, the order of wearing jewelries is supposed to be wear jewelries after clothes. 

 2. Removing timely is maintenance
We suggest you to take off the jewelries while washing hands, bathing, doing housework and doing sports. Because there is alkaline matter of different degrees contained in some kinds of soaps, it would possibly do harm to the comparatively more fragile jewels day by day, moreover, the material from the soap would also be quite easy to get stuck in the crack of rings, affecting greatly the gloss and the brightness of the jewels.

3. Pay attention to the material contained acid and alkali
Please do not let your daily-used make-ups or perfume touch the jewelries. We advise you to wear jewelries after wearing your make-ups and perfume, even if you are going to add some perfume, you ought to avoid spraying them on the jewelries

4. Do not touch them continually
The surface of human skin excretes sweat and oil from time to time, the hands are the easiest part to be touched of the body, so the oil on the skin is often left on the surface of the hands, when you use your hands to touch the jewels, the oil on the hands will be very easily left on the jewels, which would affect the gloss sad the brightness of them.

 5. Tab the small jewelry box with you
You are advised to remove the jewelries and put them into the jewelry box when you go out to travel or do any handwork.

6. Choose Neutral Surfactants to clean the jewelries
Appropriate detergent solution should be diluted neutral surfactants, such as Saraya Arau and Baby Shampoo. Pearl jewelries should not touch diamond-like ground particles, like toothpaste, which could damage the surface structure of pearl or jewels.

 7. Use the Ultrasonic Cleaner cautiously
The Ultrasonic Cleaner is indeed fairly beneficial to wash the karat gold jewels and karat gold jewelries, but it is not suited to wash the jewelries of special structure, such as emeralds, rubies, sapphires and pearls. In addition, although the Ultrasonic Cleaner is rather effective in washing, we don’t suggest frequent use of it, if you use it continually, the little diamonds would become loose or even drop out.

8. Examine your jewelries carefully and regularly
It takes time to take care of your jewelries. Examine whether the small diamonds of the jewelries are stable, whether the necklace is tied firmly, whether the elasticity of fastener of clip-on earrings is reduced or whether the contact of the screw is poor. Check the use of jewelries timely could prolong the life of them.

9. Please take your jewelries to professional jewelry institutions for maintenance
For jewelries contain other gems (pearls, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, kallaites, and opals are included) except diamonds, you are advised to send them to the originally purchased  Circle Store, our staff will provide with the most professional service of cleaning and maintenance.

⭕️ After-sales service
We are honored to provide you with the following after-sales :

 1. Lifelong free maintenance service
CIRCLE provides every customer with lifelong free maintenance of the Jewelries purchased in our stores. Normally Jewelries require annual professional cleaning. We suggest youto send the Jewelries to your originally purchased store or CIRCLE authorized high jewelry studio for professional care.

2. Jewelry repair service
For all the jewelries sold by CIRCLE, during the first year after selling, we will pay for all the labor charges (including extra fee, attaching stone, attachments) except material charges. For the jewelries sold more than one year, clients need to pay for both labor fees and material fees.

Considering that the materials and manufacturing process of CIRCLE Jewelry are both from abroad, the length of time for returns is generally based on whether there are spot goods.